• Miss Julie

    16 November 2018

    The spectacle will take place in Derida Dance Center on November 16 an 17 at 7:30pm for 12BGN from here.

    Photo: Ivona Mashova
  • Tool Tribute

    15 November 2018

    The band TOOL tribute band H. will perform songs of Tool in order to be reminded about them, because their last album was in 2006 and the other band of the frontman Keenan A Perfect Circle dropped theirs earlier this year. We are listening on November 15 at 10pm for 10/12BGN.
  • Coldplay: Head Full of Dreams

    14 November 2018

    It's not a concert at Arena Armeec, but the other Arena is with screens big enough for their concert Head Full of Dreams and some other back stage videos and their path from the dormitory to the audience of 5,5 million people.
  • Fantastic Beasts 2

    13 November 2018

    Watch the second installment of the Fantastic Beasts series set in J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World featuring the adventures of magizoologist Newt Scamander on its pre-premiere on 00:01 on November 14th at the Cinema City cinemas.
  • Theatres Night

    12 November 2018

    It's actually on the 17th but we start warming up for it 5 days earlier - on November 12th when Teodor Lozanov's drawings of local actors and actresses enter Petak bar for an exhibition and Vladimir Penev enters Yalta club for a Pecha Kucha Night. The rest of the program is on theatresnight.org.
  • Ingmar Bergman: The Man Behind The Mask

    11 November 2018

    In a popular anecdote the director says he's turned into at least 3 different persons. How so, we'll try to understand from the lecture about his life by Mirela Vasileva - a cinema expert that takes part of the Cinemania festival with another such event later on. This one is on November 11th at 19:00 at Myasto 167 for 5BGN.
  • Bar Amok

    10 November 2018

    "We opened a while ago but did we open grande?", ask retorically the guys from the bar on 37 Han Asparuh Str. Their big opening night is on November 10th - with jello shots, seafood and music from Junkfool, Djobri and Soul Weapons after 19:30 with free entrance.
  • Milenita

    9 November 2018

    She's got a brand new band - and for now, their names are kept in secret. Well, we're gonna see them for ourselves live - with a concert on the 9th of November at Maze bar, starts at 22:45, entrance is 10lv.
  • Profile: Georgi Gavazov

    8 November 2018

    If you need to ask about creative advertisment in Bulgaria, ask here. Georgi Gavazov has an experience of over 15 years, 9 of them as a director at Saatchi & Saatchi Sofia. Now we listen to him talk about his work - in Carrusel on November 8th, starts at 7PM with a free entrance (lecture's in Bulgarian).
  • Operas primeras

    7 November 2018

    Institute Cervantes invites us to a programme of films directed by women - all of them debuts. It all begins with Agatha's Friends - at Dom na kinoto on November 7th at 18:30, in Spanish with Bulgarian subtitles.
  • Ruth Koleva

    6 November 2018

    Her velvet voice will say hello to you at 20:00 on November 6 - Bar Friday tells us to expect a relaxed soul atmosphere plus her acoustic voice. The entrance is free.
  • Impro Theatre

    5 November 2018

    Why would you go to a theater that seems to be proud of the phrase "every impro is threatened with failure every second" - well, because that's what makes it so intriguing. The principle of improvisation theater is the idea that you are giving them a word, and they continue on. This edition of HahaHa ImPro is for short forms, so they will probably hear your word - on November 5 at Vlaikova cinema at 8 pm and a ticket for 8/10 BGN.
  • Days of the mead

    1 November 2018

    This drink can be sparkling or not, dry or sweet, with herbs or hops, and its beginning is lost from the hands of archaeologists somewhere around prehistory. Yes, it is strange that we do not know much about the oldest alcohol, but here's a whole mini fest for it - on November 2 at 18:00 and on 4 at 11:00 in Abordage and on November 3 from 16 : 00 in Ragnarok with home-made meadows, culinary dishes and a varied honey menu.
  • Screen printing

    3 November 2018

    This pretty old printing technique is still a favorite for new artists and young collectors with an empty space above the couch. Why exactly - we listen to a presentation by Jens Besser from Germany who comes to show his zines and Nadezhda Georgieva from Sofia's Sito Studio. Entrance is free and you get the opportunity to buy a poster - in Gifted from 19:00.
  • Games and politics

    2 November 2018

    The day before Sofia Gaming Night, at the interactive exhibition at Credo Bonum, every move will be about politics. We are a gamer on computer platforms that use the strong weapon of politics to talk about media, migration, power, gender, and militarism. Opening is at 18:30.
  • Roberto Siri Quinteto

    29 October 2018

    Roberto Siri starts playing piano and bandoneon when he is 5, at 9 he plays in restaurants and cafes, and at 15 he becomes a teacher of piano and music theory. So is it surprising that his quintet for Argentine tango is among the best in the world? We listen for 20 lv in advance, 25 on the spot, in Sofia Live Club.
  • Dialogues for Sofia 4: quality of air

    1 November 2018

    On the 1st of November, we go to a public discussion that's important for each of us living and breathing in Sofia: the quality of air. In Structura gallery, starts at 6PM.
  • Scary parties

    31 October 2018

    You wonder where to take your costume on Halloween? At least one of those six parties should do.
  • SoAdventurous

    30 October 2018

    While the mountain tops are getting changed into white, here the people split in two: one part pours wine and barricades in their warm homes, while another dreams of miles of snow. If you are with the second, on October 30th at 7pm in SOHO a mountain savior / paramedic gives advice on things like when to go to a snowy mountain, when to quit and what marks to believe - for 10lv on the spot after recording via facebook event (in Bulgarian).
  • Whiskey fest

    28 October 2018

    Over 300 types of whiskey get open between October 26 and 28 at Sofia Event Center. How many of them will you place in your tulip-shaped glass, where the aroma of the beverage blooms best, is your choice: the ticket for 15 tastes is 45 leva and for 10 - 30 leva. Experts get lectures and master classes, see whiskeyfestsofia.bg.