• Farmers' Bazaar

    24 February 2019

    It's now part of the cultural calendar of the Municipality which means - with the helping hand of the country - the bazaar for local fruit, veggies, honey, milk and load more will take place every month. You'll find it first on February 24th, 11:00-18:00 on Oborishte Str. right behind the Alexander Nevsky cathedral.
  • Basics Market Vol.11

    23 February 2019

    Maybe you've awarded your wardrobe with second hand finds from this bazaar before, but its topic is now pointing to your library and turntable - on February 23rd and 24th after 11:00 at Sputnik we shop old issues of magazines like Monocle, The New Yorker, Cereal, Egoist, Taschen photo albums and Dukyan Meloman's , My-vinyl.com's and the Underground Vinyl Markets vinyl selections. There will also be cocktails and DJs with vinyls.
  • Meet People, Meet Dali

    17 February 2019

    Salvador Dali is the most well-known and influential artist of the Surrealist movement. His work was a direct expression of his subconscious and dreams, which lead to erotic, mind-bending paintings full of social commentary. His images are based on a few basic principles of the Surrealist technique and philosophy but if these few lines here sparked your interest in the painter and you want to learn more while also meeting new people, drawing in the style of Dali, eating fries and sipping on craft beer, check this event at NOMO restaurant (on 19 Gourko Str.) this Saturday. It starts at 14:00, will be held in English, requires no previous art skills and will cost you 10BGN.
  • Party next door

    22 February 2019

    "Knock and it shall be opened" is the idea of those parties, now three, who invite you to knock on a new door instead of going to your same favorite clubs. Nothing against them, but get to know something new - we're talking not just about the space but also about music (they promise you new pop, electro, hip hop). This time is in the new place Micro, the entrance is 5 leva, the beginning - at 22:00.
  • IC3PEAK & Strugare

    21 February 2019

    It has become clear that Strugare, who makes poetry in rap and video art, will warm the stage for the Russian electronic duo IC3PEAK - a counter-cultural formation, as they call themselves, fed by long winters and merciless instruments. On February 21 in Mixtape 5 at 20:45 against 20 / 25lv.
  • Talk 6: Women and culture

    20 February 2019

    The Cannes program for the fight against gender imbalance See It Be It, brought here in the form of a seminar and regular small meetings, now gathers in cosmos coworking camp Adriana Andreeva and Boyana Gyaurova from Studio Set (journalists and art selectors) and Svetla Baeva from Fine Acts (human rights activist). On February 20 at 6:30 pm, we listen to them for free and in Bulgarian.
  • Glamortal

    16 February 2019

    Last summer we introduced you to a dance called vogue and all the cultural nuances that come with it. On February 16th you can watch the Glamortal battles (inspired by Mortal Kombat) - after 20:00 at the National Students' House (on Narodno Sabranie Sq.)
  • Melba live

    19 February 2019

    The event is a short dessert for the end of the day - three people design give you a taste of their design work. Dilyana Manavska tells about the fashion brand Lame God, Philip Boyadzhiev - how to make a supernova identity for a folklore center, and Lyuba Asadourova talks about handmade carpets with awesome faces Nomad.ist. On February 19 at 6:30 pm in Generator.
  • On cows

    18 February 2019

    The Russian director Semion Aleksandrovski came to Sofia a couple of months ago for the festival NEDRAma, when he created this performance with Bulgarian actors. Now we watch this theatre play that talks about TV again - in Azaryan Theatre on February 18th from 19:00.
  • Mish-Mash Fest

    10 February 2019

    Chocolate, wine and gifts for your beloved - isn't that all you need just a few days before St. Valentine (or Trifon Zarezan if you are familiar with the local tradition)? The sweet and cozy market is open between 10:00 and 19:00 on 9 and 10 February at the event hall In the park (on the second floor above Lumier cinema near NDK).
  • Valentines x3

    14 February 2019

    If you hear your heart clearly in your ears, it is logical on February 14 to celebrate with a concert or party. What would it be? Beloslava's romantic voice fills Sofia Live Club while Ostava are as sweet as chocolate and deep as an ocean in Terminal 1 (both concerts start at 22:00 for 15lv from eventim.bg, 20lv on the spot). If you're passionate about funny, Shame Party plays sugary pop in Carrusel for 10lv.
  • What we don't know about the air

    13 February 2019

    It's weird, when you think about it - with all the talking about air pollution, we don't realy know a lot about it other than "it's not good for you". That's why Za Zemiata gather NGOs and people from the municipality to talk about it with us - in betahaus on Feb 13 from 18:30. Discussion will be held in Bulgarian.
  • Lika Yanko

    12 February 2019

    She was born in Albania in 1928 and lived here where her exhibitions were banned, and diplomats collected her paintings (when she managed to give them away). Until 20 February, we are watching her work in Vaska Emanouilova gallery, which however fails to quench the curiosity about her personality and art - that is why on February 12 at 6 pm in the gallery there is a film about Lika Yanko with a free entrance and a meeting with the director.
  • Lefties, Paracosm & Jackett

    15 February 2019

    The rock band are getting on stage for one concert at RockIt at 8pm on February 15 gor 8BGN.

    Photo: Boyan Yotsov
  • Make yourself a magazine

    9 February 2019

    If you were the editor-in-chief of a photography magazine, say Balgarsko foto which exhisted between 1966 and 1991, which Bulgarian authors would you put next to Diane Arbus or Henri Cartier-Breson? And where would you put the obligatory praises for the Party? The photo book platform PUK! and the exhibition of Antoine Bozhinov at the Synthesis Gallery ask you on February 9, when from 14:00 to 20:00 you can assemble your own magazines - from them are the old issues and photocoping machines.
  • Music of Europe - Serbia

    11 February 2019

    We are listening to compositions drom serbian composers on February 11 at 7pm for 12BGN from epaygo.
  • Urban Selectors

    8 February 2019

    Our radar detects a new party series with potential: City Stage lets different more and lesser known selectors take over the dancefloor with their favourite tunes. On February 8th the pult is for Krassi Moskov and Georgi Zgurov-Gurko - starting at 22:30, after 23:30 the entrance costs 5BGN.
  • Perspective: Vladislav Georgiev & Ognyan Bekyarov

    7 February 2019

    With a mutual total of 40 years in the advertising and marketing business Vladislav and Ognyan serve us a double opinion on some matters that allof us care about, even if we're not in the same sphere. On February 7th at 19:00 at club Gramophone they'll talk about digitalisation, AI, influencers and "the triumf of anti-content". The lecture is free, in Bulgarian.
  • Preyah Live Band

    6 February 2019

    While waiting for her to release her next album, why not hear her live in the cozy atmosphere of Kick's? Preyah will be there on February 6th together with Evden Dimitrov (bass), Volen Milchev (back vocals), Trombobby (trombone and controller) and Rado Kasazov (drums). Their live show starts at 20:30, no tickets needed.
  • Time and Style

    5 February 2019

    Mariela Gemisheva is a well-known designer, artist and teacher at the National Academy of Art who really loves experiments and provocation. Her new book Time and Style collects the essence of fashion as a socio-cultural phenomenon. On the premiere on February 5th at 18:00 at Structura gallery there will be live music, an art performance and some words about the book from Maria Vasileva and Kremena Dimitrova.