• One Dance Week

    20 September 2019

    © Olympe Tits

    One dances naked, another - with a disassembled plastic mannequin, another shows his version of an Indonesian dance for seduction and fertility. The program of the festival, spread over several stages in Plovdiv, knows no taboos or cliches. There are 16 shows, traveling from all over the world to get here. Get your tickets from epaygo.bg quickly - One Dance Week starts on September 20th.
  • Skaters from the past

    19 September 2019

    "Founders of Urban culture in late socialist Bulgaria" says Martin Mladenov for all skaters in the late 80's. To have hobbies like this in a time that is fraught with everything in the west is interesting enough for Martin to memorize it with his camera. We look at the photos in Gifted from September 19 (with opening at 19:00) until October 2
  • Week of the female directors

    18 September 2019

    The panorama, initiated by the G-8 cinema, shows us new and old Bulgarian feature films, created by teams led by ladies such as Milena Andonova, Kristina Grozeva, Zornitsa Sofia and Svetla Tsotsorkova. We start with Avalanche from 1981 (on Blaga Dimitrova's story) on September 17th and continue until the 23rd with two titles each day - from 17:30 and from 19:30. Follow them on the G-8 cinema profile.
  • Let's clean up Bulgaria together

    14 September 2019

    The volunteer initiative returns with а 9th, bigger edition, in which we not only put on gloves to collect garbage from different zones across the country, but are encouraged to take our own initiatives under the umbrella of this one. Everything from planting a tree to painting a bench to repairing a mountain shelter is a great idea, and Zero Waste Sofia also asks us to pay attention to public fountains along the way by cleaning and marking them on the eco initiative's map. All details about the campaign + info on how and where to get involved are on daizchistim.bg.
  • The Day of Sofia

    17 September 2019

    This September 17th our city has a double reason to celebrate: it's the official Day of Sofia but also 140 years since it was chosen for a capital. The meeting point for the party is Knyaz Alexander I Sq., where after 20:30 we get into the pulse of the city and review its history in Sofia city vibrations - 140 beats per minute - audio-visual performance + 3D mapping involving Ivan Shopov, Compote Collective and many more artists.
  • Mihail Novakov

    16 September 2019

    He started shooting for Edno magazine, in 2010 he was selected for a traveling exhibition by Vice, and today we all know him as a photographer and cameraman with a focus on urban culture and social observation. His new solo exhibition Sweet-Sour Hour - stolen moments of peace captured during Mihail's trip to China, was just arranged at the KO-OP gallery. You can see it until October 2nd.
  • Picnic Stroeja

    15 September 2019

    Tell the GPS to take you to goo.gl/maps/FI93J - the meadow somewhere above Zheleznitsa village in the mountain where guys from the Stroeja club will be waiting for you. They're bringing the barbecue, the beer kegs, a generator, some music equipment - all of which you can use for free, but still bring some more drinks, food and a place to sit for yourself.
  • Rooftop party

    13 September 2019

    photo Deensel

    The rooftop connections will be on the top of National Palace of Culture on September 13 at 9pm for 15BGN from bilet.bg. What we are listening to then is unknown for now, but we know it will make us move.
  • Cinema in the Military academy park

    12 September 2019

    The first person to tell us about Happy Lazaro, he was super happy to watch it, and on September 12, the line will be even stronger - the movie runs in the Military Academy park. The next three days there we look at the Border, Shoplifters (for stealth a family with a Golden Palm from Cannes) and Capernaum. The beginning is always at 8:30 pm and the ticket counter 10lv opens on the spot as early as 19:00.
  • Alley of the book

    5 September 2019

    Tuesday to Sunday this week (September 10-15) walking around Vitosha can be smart – the white tents of the traveling book fair stretch lanes in the section of the boulevard between the Patriarch and Uzundzhovska.
  • Wilfrid Almendra

    10 September 2019

    The artist we met in april is coming to Vrana palace on September 10 until October 30 with his work.
  • We have no planet B

    9 September 2019

    The visual spectacle, populаrize the idea of the nature as something we all should protect, will be projected on Spetember 9 until September 20 at 21:15 in front of Kvadrat 500.
  • Ninavale

    8 September 2019

    Last days in which you can visit the expo Ninavale in +359 gallery until Spetember 15.
  • Caged

    7 September 2019

    We are watvhing this dance performance on September 7 at 7:30pm for 10-20BGN from epaygo.bg in House of culture Boris Hristov in Plovdiv.
  • Sofia Food Truck Fest Autumn Edition

    6 September 2019

    Food trucks are the main attraction in Maymunarnika in September 6-8 at 11pm without an entrance.
  • Ratio: A Star Is Born

    5 September 2019

    Did you know that up to 97% of our bodies are made up of elements born of the fusion reactions of stars? This means without them there would be no human beings. How and why these cosmic bodies die and what will happen when the Sun does after 5.5 billion years? Ask physicist Viktor Danchev at the next free scientific lecture of the Ratio series on September 5th at 19:00 at the Kino Cabana.
  • John Cleese

    4 September 2019

    photo Bob King

    He has always looked on the merry side of things, so in his 79 years, one of the founders of Monty Python sees only a good opportunity to name a stand. Last chance to see me before I die is on September 4 in Hall 1 at the National Palace of Culture - if you want to listen to the black humor and its heavy irony and are ready to prove it with 55lv, from eventim.bg your money will be exchanged for a ticket.
  • Historical route women's market

    1 September 2019

    In the 20th century, people in costumes sold peppers to gentlemen with suits and hats - this is the oldest market in the city. The area is full of history, for which Zdravko Petrov will be our guide: he has been leading his historical routes for a long time, and now he has published them as a book. For 15BGN and recording on historicalroutes.bg in September 1, he points us exactly where to look, so we can see the traces of the past.
  • Music Quiz #20

    3 September 2019

    A team of 3 to 8 music lovers with diverse tastes and manic knowledge is your best weapon on September 3rd at the Thin Red Line bar. Pick them well and then register the team via personal message to @trl.bar on Facebook if you want to jump into the battle for the first three quiz places that get alcoholic, melodic or literary awards. The start is at 20:00, participation costs 5BGN per person.
  • Sofia: 2050

    2 September 2019

    After 2 years of analysis, discussions and citizen feedback, the Vision for Sofia team is ready to outline what our city should look like by 2050 before submitting the papers to the relevant authorities. In an open-access forum (September 2, 3 pm-8pm, Azaryan Theater) and live broadcast on Facebook of the project, architect Lyubo Georgiev and company talk about everything important: from transport, urban and environment to identity and culture.