day by day

  • A Perfect Day

    A Perfect Day
    At the start of 2017, artist-writer Sevda Semer started a project with three conditions: to fill the solution in a visual diary every day, to leave blank pages for missed dates and not to correct the past. There are 8 diaries in the final, followed ...



  • Ледникова епоха

    Ледникова епоха
    Съблезъби тигри ръмжат в Изток, но не се панирайте, а организирайте познатите над 4 години и ги разходете в много, много далечното минало ...


  • The Story of Things: Anna Alexandra & Elia Nedkov

    The Story of Things: Anna Alexandra & Elia Nedkov
    Art is not the object you create - it's the way you live. And if that's the way you think, you stop feeling like there's a line between your professional and your personal life. Then it's only natural that your partner also becomes the person you want to work with.That's the case with Anna Alexandra and Elia Nedkov. She's a poet and herbalist with her own brand of clean cosmetics (Angelica). He's a designer, architect and creative director. And here's all the objects with stories we found in ...
  • Noisy night, sweet night
  • Along the wire with Alexander Benev

the straw

  • Top 10

    Top 10
    The things that make our lives better. The macarons We love them even more since we made them ourselves at Boby Ekzarhov and Rady Stambolov's Pastry Academy. We love it when team building means putting pieces together by glueing them with ganache, pistachio and violet cream.
  • Where are you going, where...