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  • Fuckup Nights

    Fuckup Nights
    It's not malicious to want to know in detail where someone else has gone wrong - it's a life lesson. The bell beats at 18:30 at the National Student House on October 15, we hear how they fucked up and what we can learn from their failures from ...




  • Behind the lens of Alexander Stanishev

     Behind the lens of Alexander Stanishev
    "I'm 37, nothing to look like, 22," Alexander says, as he tries to remember what year he's been accepted at NATFA for the second try. To this day, he is very ashamed that he shot a chalga music video in his third year, and his first major project is the Hashove series directed by Alexander Morfov.
  • The long walk: Martin Kolev
  • The stories of things: Ana Kremenlieva

the straw

  • Top 10

    Top 10
    The things that make our lives better. RICK AND MORTY 4 We are used to the harshness and crudity in this series, but making a new season 2 years?! Now that's something else, they admit it themselves. We're stopping waving fingers - first the shoot us with the trailer, and the portal to all the episodes open up on November 10th. THE NEWS Govori Internet start a new podcast in Bulgarian, which is supposed to be as strong as a shot of espresso - Den. is the news in less then 8 minutes, ...
  • One Rational Sunday
  • A colourful element