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  • For Dimityr Voev

    For Dimityr Voev
    Since 1992, he can not celebrate his birthday on May 21, but friends and fans of Dimitar Voyev continue to celebrate on that date. The 2018 program is an acoustic set by Vasso Gyurov and Christina of Revue, poetry by Stefan Ivanov and Kaloyan ...



  • Аквапарк за 1 юни

    Аквапарк за 1 юни
    Ако семейството ви отговаря на схемата 2 възрастни + 1 дете, значи знаем къде трябва да се отбиете между 1 и 30 април – в Bulgaria Mall, който ...


  • Small urban mobility

    Small urban mobility
    If as a child you compensated the lack of a certain toy with self-contained devices, then you are familiar with the first impulse of Darian and Ivailo. Well, they didn't stop with the first paper Trabant, painted with a glider, and today they are presenting an exhibition with their detailed models of a whole transport arsenal - from Ikarus and Chavdar buses to Trolza trolley buses and various known and forgotten trams. They are parked at a 1:43 scale in Gifted, where we're seeing them until May ...
  • Architecture
  • Stories for Bubbles

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  • Top 10

    Top 10
    The things that make our lives better. The zoo It clebrates its 130 birthday this weekend with two fun-filled days for the kids but we, adults, also have something to be happy about: the park is halfway through its renovation and free birds are already walking around the alleys free. That, of course, does not mean that it is OK to chase the peacocks for a feather, it's kind of immature, don't you think?
  • A Crazy Race
  • Vidimo se u Zagrebu!