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  • Botanical Bazaar #1: Cactus Euphorbia

    Botanical Bazaar #1: Cactus Euphorbia
    Cactus Lab starts a new series of botanical events where we can learn more about certain plants, buy and repot them. The 1st bazaar is on 21 February between 18:00 ans 20:00 at the Lab's new home on 74 Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Blvd.



  • The things of life: Boris Daltchev

    The things of life: Boris Daltchev
    He has heard the question many times, so we answer quickly: yes, Boris bears the family name of Atanas Dalchev, his grandfather's brother. This invisible but strong family thread (with many branches, as you will see) develops the artist in him before he finds his own path - the scenography. It looks like the scene is the right place: Boris just took his master's degree in the National Academy of Arts when we read his name in the list of Ikar 2018 nominations.
  • Behind the Lens: Phelia Barouh
  • The Story of Things: Anna Alexandra & Elia Nedkov

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  • Top 10

    Top 10
    The things that make our lives better. The awards When Papi Hans, The Gender and the puppet in Elon Musk's Tesla are among the presentors, you know we're talking about WhATA Architecture Awards. Who are the winners for 2017, who voted and the meeting with the guys mentioned above are all on
  • Govorit Moskva
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