Bon Appetite

3 April 2014 text Stohrifor Lokumb
We have not thought that we'll assume someone else in the role of the iconic cannibal Hannibal Lecter other than Sir Anthony Hopkins. It is amazing how easy it is our prejudices to be cut to pieces by another formidable actor Mads Mikkelsen. We knew the slender Dane (with a characteristic accent and even more distinctive face) from his several major film roles, but he fits so well in the Hannibal series that we already began to imagine Dr. Lecter as costumed Scandinavian with enigmatic smile and more more enigmatic motives.
In Season 2 the main collision remains between Lecter and Graham - one in cool belief in his own greatness, and other - in precarious foothold in reality.
The psychological drama, the great dialogue and the bloody murders are guaranteed, so let them begin.


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