• Andrei Yanev

    Dwelling places - pictorial haiku

    Association of the Artists in Burgas [Burgas]  
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  • Dimitar Kazakov - Neron

    The exhibition gives us the opportunity to see the works of the unique artist, philosopher and mediator between antiquity and the future - the Bulgarian artist Dimitar Kazakov - Neron.

    Georgi Baev Gallery  
    Petko Zadgorski Art Gallery [Burgas]  
  • Dolores Dilova

    Dolores Dilova is an artist with a recognizable creative identity and style. Her works combine the expressiveness of color with the traditional perspective for landscape painting and the relation to space in the painting.

    Prolet [Burgas]  
  • Georgi Baev

    Not shown works of the great artist Georgi Baev are included in an impressive exhibition dedicated to the 95th anniversary of his birth.

    Georgi Baev Gallery  
  • Kremena Cankova, Darina Peeva

  • Nikolay Angelov

    The Garieli Gallery presents for the first time the magical watercolor drawings of the artist Nikolay Angelov - Gary. The AQUA exhibition includes more than 50 works that have not been exposed till now.

  • Rumen Atanasov