• Aleksandar Ivanov

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  • Aneta Kraeva

  • Gutenberg and the Slavic world

    The exhibition presents the beginning of the printing work in Europe and Bulgaria. It consists of illustrative panels and objects that track the main moments of the development of Cyrillic writing from the 15th to 19th century, with emphasis on the chronology of Bulgarian printing.

    Historical Museum  
  • Nadya Stancheva

    The author presents paintings in her favorite genres - landscape and still life.

    Atelier R  
  • Nelly Tsenova

    Flowers in the new scenic cycle of Nelly Tsenova collect all the symbolism of transience and revival of life.

    Nessi [Burgas]  
  • Nikolay Yanakiev

  • Parrots Exhibition

    27 parrots of different species are represented in this exhibition. The visitors will be able to learn many interesting details about the life, habits, diet and socialization of the parrots as pets.

  • Sand sculptures festival

    The theme of this year's Sand Festival is Favorite Children's Heroes. For the first time the sand sculptures are made only by Bulgarian authors, a total of 19 people, including five authors from Burgas - Atanas Stoyanov, Dobrin Vatev, Ognyan Petkov, Igor Hristov and Vladimir Dungyov.

    Ezero Park  
  • Savina Nikolova

  • Svilen Blajev

    Svilen Blajev presents works from the Southern Landscapes II cycle. The landscapes in it are inspired by the author's trip to the Holy peninsula Athon and reflect the emotions of this journey.

    Prolet [Burgas]  
  • Tracian's Golden Treasure

  • Tropical Butterflies Exhibition

  • Tutankhamun - an unfinished love story

    For the first time in Bulgaria we will have the opportunity to walk among the treasures and the sarcophagus with the mummy of the Egyptian ruler Tutankhamun in the exhibition.

    Burgas State Opera [Burgas]