• 60 years of underwater archeology in Bulgaria

    The Seabed Stories exhibition. 60 Years of Underwater Archeology in Bulgaria 1959 - 2019 traces the chronology of underwater exploration along the Bulgarian coast with important discoveries and participants over the years.

    Naval Museum  
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  • Atse Bos

    Dutch author Atse Bos - a fan of contemporary Bulgarian art, presents his exhibition Street Pictures at Boris Georgiev City Art Gallery.

    Boris Georgiev Fine Arts Gallery  
  • Family Program in City Art Gallery Boris Georgiev

    The purpose of the family program at Art Gallery Boris Georgiev - Varna is to help all mothers and fathers, grandparents, older brothers and sisters to reveal the world of fine art to the youngest.

    Boris Georgiev Fine Arts Gallery  
  • General Exhibition

    The Roses and Lions exhibition includes the best of contemporary Bulgarian graphics, presented by thirty-five contemporary Bulgarian artists.

    Art Gallery Largo  
  • General Exhibition

  • Hristo Yotov, Grigor Mitsev

    Le Papillon Art Gallery invites us to an extraordinary performance spectacle targeted at two major human senses with the exhibition Imaginary Expressions. Two artists who love the surreal approach, with extreme imagination, dramatic talent and subtle aesthetics.

    Art Gallery Papillon  
  • International photogrpaphic salon

    The International underwater photogrpaphy salon is organized for the first time in Bulgaria. It will feature prominent underwater photographers from around the world. An exhibition that will bring us to the mysteries of the underwater world - exotic fish, turtles, rays, bizarre marine creatures and surprising underwater reincarnations of the human body.

    Boris Georgiev Fine Arts Gallery  
  • International Print Biennial

  • Mariya Zafirkova

  • Pavel Mitkov

    Pavel Mitkov's paintings carry a message of peace, kindness and harmony. The author has divided his work into three periods: Before 2000, 2000-2012 and after 2012.

    Graffit Gallery  
  • Summer Salon Varna 2019

  • The museum - unexpected, open, shared

    The non-standard exhibition provokes everyone to turn their perspective on the museum. If before a story was illustrated with a wealth of exhibits, this exhibition shows in an unexpected way how a single exhibit can tell many curious stories.

    Park-museum Vladislav Varnenchik  
  • Vasil Petrov

    Vasil Petrov is the author who keeps the tradition for the last twenty years or more, to present his new exhibition in August in Varna.

    Art Markoni