Polina Krusteva

Polina Krusteva

Genre: paintings
The Vazrazdane Gallery will celebrate its 22th birthday with a painting exhibition Between the Darkness and the Light by Polina Krusteva.

After a long absence from the exhibition halls, Polina Krusteva returns with a striking, bold and uncompromising exhibition in which the colors are indisputable masters on the battlefield of the canvasses. This time, they really paint the mental and spiritual phenomena, outline, mark the way for this world and the beyond. Colors make the good and the evil clearly visible, they form what has no shape and changes through the action - emotions, fears, hopes, power and weakness.
Colors are energy, high-voltage streams that create in the paintings the forceful fields of human passions, crooks and victories, distinguish the ways of the Unseen and define the mysterious zones of Darkness and Light.

Krassi Aleksieva


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