• Anna Boyadzhieva

    In the house museum of Vera Nedkova, a new series of exhibitions and lectures by the National Gallery starts with the textiles of Anna Boyadzhieva. Her white works are in constant dialogue with the colourful paintings of Vera Nedkova in this space saturated with history.

    House museum Vera Nedkova  
  • Art start 2019

    For the year in a row, the exhibition shows us the new artists that we need to keep an eye on in 2019.

    Credo Bonum  
    Goethe Institut  
  • Boryana Venzislavova

    On the screens of this video installation, some people are doing things that are no longer adequate to their age (or seem like they belong in our time): they play retro games in costumes. With toys and strange movements, the participants are asking questions about childhood memories, the meaning of playing, and the feeling of being in the real - instead of digital - world.

    Sofia City Art Gallery  
  • Bulgaria through the glass of time

    The story of this exhibition began in the 19th century, when Ferdinand sent one of his best port specialists, Marko Bliznakov, to specialize in Italy.

    National Gallery Square 500  
  • Diplomated magisters in the National Academy of Arts

    The graduates in the various fields (from poster art to mural painting) are showing the peaks in their work in recent years. We are looking at fine arts until February 22, applied - until the end of the exhibition.

  • Don't forget

    David King and Dorian Hirsch are the two subconscious minds we visit in this exhibition around Nazism, memory, and identity.

    Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art  
  • François Nouguies

    François Nouguies is a french artist, filmmaker and professor at the University of Art in France. Since 2015, he's been living between Bulgaria and France.

    Espace PORT A  
  • Ivan Paskalev

    0GMS is a gallery as big as four drawers, but in the hands of this video artist it becomes a place where you'd like to enter and stay. His installation looks a bit like someone said to him was a monitor was - a rectangle emitting light where you can see moving images - and then left him to fantasize about what that might mean. We enter his process of invention. It's just as strange, unexplicable and almost magical as it sounds.

    Sofia City Art Gallery  
  • Lika Yanko

    An Albanian refugee with the lifestyle of a hermit and art that annoyed the accepted standards back then, Lika was not invited to group shows for almost 20 years since her first solo exhibition (in 1967) was removed quickly.

    Vaska Emanouilova  
  • Monika Popova

  • Non-places of utopia

    Anjela Terzieva, Galab Galabov, Dimitar Yaranov, Eleonora Terzieva, Konstantin Kostov, Marta Rayhel, Mimi Dobreva, Trendafila Trendafilova, Yulana Tekova

    From Ancient Greek, utopia means anti-place - a place that does not exist. This non-place is the subject of the exhibition that shows a few possible variations on the theme - from the personal to the political.

    Stubel Art Gallery  
  • Rosemarie Trockel

    According to her, the second something becomes too obvious, it stops being interesting.

  • Time and People

  • Timurtas Onan

    Time in photography is usually just a moment - light or shadow is sealed on the matrix of the camera and comes out of it as an image. However, in the work of Turkish photographer Timurtas Onan, time is a whole philosophical theme: it shows how the clock runs in the city that lives with its own rhythm. His black-and-white pictures of Istanbul show the whole experience of a person who has been a photographer for 40 years (25 of which - professional, and the latter - as a teacher).

    Synthesis Photography Gallery  
  • With 12 hands

    Those five boys are coming from the same place - Print Nest is an art collective in which everyone has their unique fingerprint.