• Freedom here-and-now

    Photographer Lilyana Karadzhova and L’Europeo's editor Dimitar Stoyanovich are looking for the meaning of freedom - with mugshots and small quotes collected in a photobook and an installation.

    Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art  
  • History of the Czech design

    From an award-winning example of contemporary visual identity to a classic beer glass or pocket knife: in this exhibition of the Czech design from the Cubism to the present day, each and every object is high grounds in aesthetic.

    Czech Cultural Centre  
  • Kalina Dimitrova

    Inspired by the properties of water and the infinite human imagination, Kalina builds an art installation from gypsum castings and calls it a "sculpture of change and eternal motion."

  • Kaloyan Iliev - Kokimoto

    Kokimoto is the name of the hybrid between cat and man, an alter ego of Kaloyan Iliev - a painter from Varna with a stable list of expositions behind him. You Love Kokimoto, says the comic cat in his new exhibition in Gifted - starts on December 4 at 19:00 and remains until January 4th.

  • Lyudmil Chehlarov

    He's one of the best theater poster designers in Bulgaria. He was also a teacher at the National Art Academy for many years. The same institution now collects some of his works for an exhibition celebrating his 80th birthday.

  • Margarita Ruseva & Raymndo Varsano

    "I turn into visuals Raymondo Varsano's philosophical ideas," says Margarita Ruseva, who has already shared the space between two covers with the writer before.

  • Natura naturans: The Nature of Art

    Norbert Bisky, Michael Sailstorfer, Alicja Kwade, Annette Kelm, Florian Meisenberg, Olaf Nicolai, Jorinde Voigt

    This exhibition falls in line with Structura gallery’s policy to exhibit successful models of contemporary artists. The artists of the show have already built up remarkable biographies and formidable careers, in both major international forums (Biennales in Venice, Lyon, Sharjah, Riga, documenta in Kassel, etc.) and the art market. This meeting is important to us for the purpose of a shared experience in conceptual and aesthetic quests, as well as for understanding the mechanisms and functionality of the art world.

  • Oda Jaune

    Her sculpture The Embrace has been touring the country for some time now and we've been following it around, but let's say a bit about Oda Jaune herself.

    National Gallery at the Palace  
  • Ontology: Words and Graphics

  • Our paintings in new directions

    In the 20's Weimar Germany, the New Object movement was born - first in art as a reaction to the romantic quests of Expressionism, then in literature, music, architecture, and lifestyle itself.

    Sofia City Art Gallery  
  • Roger Ballen

    You've seen the street art on the face of our city, which asks who he is. The answer is coming soon himself: an American photographer, who often worked with Die Antwoord, is coming for an exhibition and lectures in Sofia and Plovdiv.

    National Gallery Square 500  
  • Stephen Wilson

    A new gallery now inhibits the address of the old Musical School - 5 Oborishte Str.. We first enter it on November 9th after 10:00 to see the beautifully restored interior and the 33 works (from digital embroidery to 3D sculptures) of contemporary artist Stephen Wilson. Later that day he also has a lecture at the National Art Academy and his art remains here until January.

    Oborishte 5 Gallery and Hall  
  • Svilen Stefanov

    As Chavdar Popov says:"The art of Svilen Stefanov is, I believe, deliberately charged with a certain duality and has both literal and symbolic meaning. As a culturally burdened artist, the author respects some traditional conventions of the pictorial media. His paintings, as it is customary, are on canvas, painted with oil paint. As a rule, they are built in a distinctly horizontally positioned, panoramic-oriented compositional frame, in two contrasting planes".

    One Monev Gallery  
  • The Artists From the Art School

    Angelariy Dimitrov, Maria Nalbantova, Tsvetomila Hristova, Atanas Tashev, Dinko Stoev, Donka Pavlova, Stoyan Kutsev, Dimitar Yaranov, Dobril Andreev, Pavlina Obretenova, Vanya Malakchieva, Petko Genov, Momchil Iliev, Rada Pilyushka, Zoran Mishe

    A group exhibition of 15 artists, teaching students at the Sofia Art School.

  • Time and People

  • Valentina Sciarra

    An Italian artist working between Rome and Sofia, Sciarra is now also in between video and land-art. You can walk on it yourself next spring, but before that let us explain.

    National Museum of Natural History  
  • Velin Dinev

    The exhibition is for his 80th birthday - which might come as a surprise if you're only looking at his ultra bright colours and brave compositions. The artist lives in Sliven and his work is in collections from China to the USA - in Sofia, the gallery shows a few of his recent series from the last three years.

    Red Dot  
  • Venelin Shurelov

    The first words in his biography are "a multifunctional person" and it's true - he's a scenographer, artist, teacher of digital arts, curator. His work has been in numerous exhibitions and festivals before and it is, before anything else, an invitation of dialogue and play.

    Credo Bonum  
  • Yova Raevska

    For around 60 years she's created her ceramics in bold new directions. Now, in celebration of 100 years since her birth, we see how she created a bridge between traditions and modernity with her two hands.

    National Ethnographic Museum