• Boris Kovachev

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  • Eureca! Travelling Exhibition

    Muzeiko comes to Plovdiv to present some of the most popular discoveries of the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Regional Historical Museum Plovdiv - Centre for Contemporary History  
  • International Glass Biennale

  • Ivan Stratiev

    Ivan Stratiev has participated in dozens of exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. He has over 30 solo exhibitions in Sofia, Varna, Prague, Vienna, Zurich etc.

    Gallery Fillipopolis  
  • Kiri-e and Kimono

  • Minimalism in Bulgarian Painting 1944 - 2019

  • Nedko Solakov

    The (almost) Paintings exhibition shows eight of early works by Nedko Solakov, created between 1977 - 1981.

    Sariev Contemporary  
  • Open Art Files: Notes and footnotes

    Curator: Vera Mlechevska

    The exhibition gathers artworks by artists of different generations and ages, who for a short period and at different times were provoked by common intuition, by the " zeitgeist" or driven by the possibilities of new and familiar means of expression.

  • Path of the Young II

  • Radoslava Boor

    Radoslava has more then 15 years of experience in the field of Graphic Design. At the age of 16 she gets her first job as a short comics illustrator in a newspaper.

    Plovdiv Drama Theatre  
  • Shared painting

  • Silvia Pavlova

    The Vazrazdane Gallery will celebrate its 24th birthday with a painting exhibition Blue timelessness by Silvia Pavlova.

  • Stella Dries

    Stella is born in Plovdiv, but for the past two decades she has lived and worked as freelance illustrator in Germany. The exhibition The Human Scarecrow is her first representation in the hometown.

    Labyrinth Gallery  
  • Textures

    Chantal Angelot, Eliane Burgin, Dadi Wirtz, Barbara Groher, Krasimira Drenska, Karin Kappeli von Bulow, Irene Hanni, Hartwig Hippe

    Textures is an original project developed by the 8 participants for the Resonance gallery space, in celebration of Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019.

  • The Beauty we Share

    The Beauty we Share is a pioneering long-term socially engaged arts project involving an international artist, a Bulgarian anthropologist and locals from the neighbourhood of Stolipinovo (Plovdiv) in mutual relations of sharing and exchange.

    FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion  
  • Vezhdi Rashidov

    The Passions exhibition looks at Rashidov's personality not only as a creator but also as a collector.

    City Art Gallery -Temporary Exhibition  
  • Vladimir Gennadiev

    To sink into the artistic world of Vladimir Genadiev you must understand the ideology of his drawing, accept the standard of his compositions, and approve (in yourself) the individuals who occupy him.

  • Vulchan Petrov

    The artist chooses to call his third solo exhibition at the Dyakov Gallery My Soul - words that reveal the essence of the works shown.

  • Zdravko Palazov

    Zdravko Palazov enters the space of the Aspect gallery for the first time with a new collection of paintings, created specifically for the place.