• Contemporary Bulgarian Ceramics Festival

  • Contemporary Serbian graphics

    The exhibition shows 43 Serbian artists - from the newest names to the best known on the scene.

  • Eliezer Alsheh

    He was born in Vidin in 1908 and leaves it 20 years after that to study in Munich - and later travelled and worked in Turkey, Palestine, Italy, Tunis. Now, we see his paintings back in Bulgaria again - in an exhibition put together in collaboration with Argentina.

    Sofia City Art Gallery  
  • Galina & Rafi Shehiryan

    While she regularly participated in the exhibitions of applied arts in Bulgaria before the 90s, he was included in only one in his field - in 1988, after which he left the country.

  • Galina Yotova

  • Galya Blagoeva

    The sculptures that she worked on for the past 2 years are like strange and delicate structures. In her first solo show, the only colour in the gallery is white, and the objects are made from wood, string, and cloth.

    Vaska Emanouilova  
  • Jorio Vivarelli

    After surviving Europe's concentration camps, in the 1950s he worked in a foundry for artistic objects in his native Italy.

  • Kalina Taseva

    She was one of Dechko Uzunov's best students, that's why she's the first one in the project Generations - a series of exhibitions looking for traces of Dechko in the work of his students.

    Gallery Museum Dechko Uzunov  
  • Matter Over Matter

    George Stoyanov, Marina Velisioti, Nikos Lamprinos, Nikos Marinis, Pepa Ivanova, Savvas Metaxas, Anto. Milotta / Zlatolin Donchev · 3D design: Katerina Bakaliou, Georgia Tsazi, B2N · Exhibition design: Raya Stefanova

    Matter Over Matter is an international interdisciplinary project that brings together contemporary artists and 3D designers from Bulgaria and Greece. The project investigates how new technologies like 3D printing influence our perceptions and notions of matter, but also how contemporary art reflects on this through new practices and approaches.

    Goethe Institut  
  • Medea Yankova

    Sketches don't usually make it out of the artist's notebook - here however, they're the main event in the exhibition "London in sketches".

  • Miroslav Zhivkov

  • Not My Art

  • Peter Sadofsky & Dan Trantina

  • Petrinel Gochev

    His newest sculptures, made specially for the gallery, have been in the works for the past year. He's a multifaceted artist: a theatre director and scenographer, a painter and scultpture with more than 10 solo exhibitions.

  • Radostin Sedevchev

    His work is usually about the past - in found photography, diaries, or letters. Here however, the focus is fixed on the present. The installation shows what a few cameras recorded over a period of a few months, in an abandoned cemetery.

    ICA (Insitute of Contemporary Art)  
  • Şifa Girinci

    Migration is recently a trending topic. A myriad of concepts, descriptions and figures have reduced migration into a "forced displacement of people for survival". From the Far East to Taurus Mountains… Was it poverty that drove people into those distant lands?

  • Sirma Sarafova-Orahovats

  • Subversive Play

    Multimedia installations from Chloe Irla and Daniela Kostova, 3D objects from David Page, video from Luana Perili, work from Rachel Piche and Paul Mosig and a photo series from Songül Boyraz in order to show the norms that are built in the idea of the game.

  • The New Political Poster

    After loads of ups and downs in the genre here since the 40s, now we can see its cleanest form: created by the yound poster artists from the National Academy of Art and stripped from the control of the political leaders of the day.

    Museum of Socialistic Art  
  • Time and People