• Adelina Popnedeleva

    Her autobiographical notes are in installations and photographies, based around the theme of her childhood and the social roles of women.

    Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art  
  • Aksinia Peycheva

    How does physical trauma change the body? In the intersection of art and science, a possible answer awaits you at the installation Cartography of the trauma.

    ICA (Insitute of Contemporary Art)  
  • Andrey Daniel

    The exhibition is inspired by his latest visit to Paris - a city where this time a new thing took his attention: all the places for meetings. Both abstract - as in meeting history, or the history of art - and very much literal, such as all the cafes and restaurants.

    Nuance Art Gallery  
  • Arnold Newman

    The photography master's work comes to Bulgaria for an exhibition that shows his best known portraits of famous people.

    Sofia City Art Gallery  
  • Bulgarian design 2018

    The exhibition shows the best in Bulgarian design with 30 recent projects in six main categories - we see everything from ceramics to fabric or social design.
    · Melba
    UniCredit Studio  
  • Desislava Mincheva

    This exhibition shows her portraits and gentle figures. Desislava Mincheva, born in 1956, has shown her work in more than 50 solo exhibitions - not only in the country, but also in the USA, Australia, China and many in between.

  • Dimitar Kazakov

    Shown for the first time, here are collected 19 drawings by the artists' earlier period of work.

  • Games and politics

    The interactive exhibitions turns us into gamers who learn more about the political in games - about power, gender, militarism, and everything in between, all in the powerful platform of games.

    Credo Bonum  
  • Georges Papazoff

    The Bulgarian-French artist is one of the first surrealists in the world - he's shown his work next to paintings by Miro and Picasso. Now, we see 15 of his paintings from his different artistic periods.

  • Graffopost

    Art interventions are going indoors - betacafe will welcome for a month the pieces of 6 artists who participated in the Graffopost project.

  • Harita Asumani

    The second solo exhibition of scenographer Harita Asumani, featuring prints, sculptures and a zine.

  • Ivo Iliev & Ventsislav Yosifov

    A.k.a. Yeto and JRMN of the 140 ideas crew who show us, through their artworks, their 10-year-long journey in graffiti.

    Tea Alba  
  • Milosh Gavazov

    He's an important, but obscure artist, the founder of destructive positivism. Now, together with the gallery for contemporary art under the Bulusan vulcano in the Philippines, we commemorate 110 years of his birth date.

    UniArt Gallery  
  • Nia Pushkarova

    What does it mean to grow up as a woman during Socialism in Bulgaria? One possible answer is by artist Nia Pushkarova, who says that art is no longer just a pretty thing for positive reactions - and admits you might find yourself repulsed by some of the artwork, or find that you don't agree with everything she says.

    Art Gallery Geshov  
  • Oda Jaune

    Her sculpture The Embrace has been touring the country for some time now and we've been following it around, but let's say a bit about Oda Jaune herself.

    National Gallery at the Palace  
  • On a clear day you can see forever

    What does a curator from Italy see here when they visit the city and the artists in it for only a few weeks, at the end of which they have to make an exhibition? In the case of Carolina Lio, invited by the Klick residence - that On a clear day you can see forever.

    Goethe Institut  
  • Our paintings in new directions

    In the 20's Weimar Germany, the New Object movement was born - first in art as a reaction to the romantic quests of Expressionism, then in literature, music, architecture, and lifestyle itself.

    Sofia City Art Gallery  
  • Paintings from the collection of OBB

    The fund of OBB Bank, which contains over 255 paintings and objects, was created to protect our cultural heritage. With the opening of the gallery, we look at works from the highest list of the fund, which include works by Vassil Marinov, Anastasia Panayotova, Antonius Sofev, Zlatyu Boyadzhiev, Marko Monev, Konstantin Tringov, Radomir Mandov.

    OBB Gallery  
  • Ralitsa Stanoeva & Alexander Sertev

    Selected posters, created by the two artists, are shown in this exhibition, created with the help of the Socmus project.

  • Roger Ballen

    You've seen the street art on the face of our city, which asks who he is. The answer is coming soon himself: an American photographer, who often worked with Die Antwoord, is coming for an exhibition and lectures in Sofia and Plovdiv.

    National Gallery Square 500  
  • Snezhana Simeonova

    She's a Bulgarian sculptor with monumental works in New Zealand, South Africa and France - here, we're seeing her smaller works from the last 10 years.

  • Sofia Queer Forum 2018

    Two curators are putting together an exhibition around the question of LGBTI migrants and refugees in Europe today. The answers are from artists working in all kinds of media from photography to neon.

    Vaska Emanouilova  
  • Stefano Pizano

    The Italian artist is coming to Sofia to show his work in three series in different media - painting, drawing, and video. One of them is inspired by the local to the gallery Women's market.

    Serdika Gallery  
  • Stela Vasileva

    What's the shape of music? We don't ask philosophically, so the easy answer of sound waves is the right one here. Stela Vasileva shows an exhibition of sculptures that represent different sound waves in bent mirrors - so that you can see yourself, and the architecture of the gallery in an old water tower.

  • Stephen Wilson

    A new gallery now inhibits the address of the old Musical School - 5 Oborishte Str.. We first enter it on November 9th after 10:00 to see the beautifully restored interior and the 33 works (from digital embroidery to 3D sculptures) of contemporary artist Stephen Wilson. Later that day he also has a lecture at the National Art Academy and his art remains here until January.

    Oborishte 5 Gallery and Hall  
  • Structures of thought

    The exhibition asks the questions of what happens to the collective memories of a city, if a big monument gets suddenly deinstalled, in the way that it happened in front of the National palace of culture.

  • Svetla Chakarova

    She studied mural art and today she's a renowned teacher at the Sofia Art School. At the exhibition Here and There we'll see paintings that show her great love for nature.

  • Svilen Stefanov

    As Chavdar Popov says:"The art of Svilen Stefanov is, I believe, deliberately charged with a certain duality and has both literal and symbolic meaning. As a culturally burdened artist, the author respects some traditional conventions of the pictorial media. His paintings, as it is customary, are on canvas, painted with oil paint. As a rule, they are built in a distinctly horizontally positioned, panoramic-oriented compositional frame, in two contrasting planes".

    One Monev Gallery  
  • Time and People

  • Urbanites: Introducing (Vol. 1)

    Teodor Genov, Alexandra Georgieva, Joro Peev

    The platform collects an archive of artists online, and is now coming out of the web with a pop-up event in Bold Showroom.

  • Yuliyan Tabakov

    A year ago he illustrated E. E. Cummings' chidren's book The Elephant & The Butterfly. This exhibition shows the full collection of 21 illustrations before they end up on someone's wall.