Matter Over Matter

Matter Over Matter

George Stoyanov, Marina Velisioti, Nikos Lamprinos, Nikos Marinis, Pepa Ivanova, Savvas Metaxas, Anto. Milotta / Zlatolin Donchev
3D design: Katerina Bakaliou, Georgia Tsazi, B2N
Exhibition design: Raya Stefanova
Matter Over Matter is an international interdisciplinary project that brings together contemporary artists and 3D designers from Bulgaria and Greece. The project investigates how new technologies like 3D printing influence our perceptions and notions of matter, but also how contemporary art reflects on this through new practices and approaches.

Greek artists Marina Velisioti, Nikos Lamprinos, Nikos Marinis, and Savvas Metaxas, and Bulgarian artists George Stoyanov, Pepa Ivanova and the Bulgarian-Italian duo Anto. Milotta / Zlatolin Donchev were invited to take part in the project. All of them work in various fields such as painting, sound, textile, photography, installation, and design. For over 4 months they've been working in close collaboration with 3D designers and printers to develop a new work dealing with notions of materiality, tangibility and the transition from one material or medium to another.



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