• Nonument

    Are you curious about what it sounds like when you stand under Buzludzha's plate? If so, draw a petal on September 13th and 14th in your calendar: on Friday from 6:30 pm the history of the communist monument, which lost its symbolism, enters an ...


  • Border

    As a child, Tina feels special; but today she is a quiet border policeman who has accepted that she is an ugly person with a chromosome error.
  • Away from the shore



  • Varna Restaurant Week: Fall 2019

    Varna Restaurant Week: Fall 2019
    Restaurant Week will be held for the first time in Varna and from 21 to 29 September will provoke our culinary senses with delicious author dishes prepared by chefs in 15 selected locations in Varna.
  • Minty summer