• Delaney Davidson

    Delaney Davidson
    With his guitar strings, Delaney tells ghost stories and accepts music as a geographical concept: born in Auckland, New Zealand, passing through Melbourne, Australia, living a bit in Switzerland and similarly traveling between styles. He's coming ...


  • Reading the past

    Reading the past
    If you loved a book as a child, you can even today pull it from the library in your head and read it. No need for this to happen only in your imagination - in our Kids blog, we talk about three classical Bulgarian books, recently reprinted.


  • Hustlers

    Jennifer Lopez with an Oscar nomination? Yes, the whispering is because of her glowing performance in this movie about striptease, greed, female independence and emptying full men's pockets from a group of flexible dancers.
  • The Goldfinch


  • Alexandrina Alexandrova's playlist

    Alexandrina Alexandrova's playlist
    She would camp ouside the venue to be at the front for a concert of Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Rolling Stones. She also loves music biographies where she reads about relationships between the people in a band. Helps her as a Paraplanner's frontlady, ...
  • Jluch between the rhymes