• Night of the jokes

    Night of the jokes
    Eight funny people walk into a bar... No, we're not starting a joke, we're just explaining the situation you'll get yourself into If you want to get a good practice in Bulgarian jokes and a nice abs workout in one. The event is at bar Petak, 18th of ...


  • Still Corners

    Still Corners
    In 2009, they meet at a train stop in London and from there begins their path as a band known for dream pop and pshycidelia. Now they're coming here for a concert, but before you go to Sofia Live Club on the 19th of November, why don't you first ...




  • In focus: Roger Ballen

    In focus: Roger Ballen
    He insists that he is a visual artist and does not have a way with words. But in fact, Roger Ballen talks as interestingly as he shoots. But not so freaky - a definition that is often used for his strange photographs with enough darkness and ...
  • Bloody good library: Bogdan Rusev