• Skapto re:launch

    Skapto re:launch
    "We've made our own beer, and frankly it's okay," brag the people from Skaptobara and Skaptoburger, announcing that their two places will be simply Skapto from now on. On November 22, they have a sixth birthday and celebrate with presents ...


  • Karpov not Kasparov

    Karpov not Kasparov
    Instead of Spotify, look for them on video if this is gonna be your first meeting with the eccentric Bucharest guys Valerius and Edward. However, their names are neither Karpov nor Kasparov, and what they have to do with chess, you can ask them ...


  • Дзен суши

    Дзен суши
    „Изкуството да потъваш в това, което правиш, с пълна наслада от процеса“ – така разбират дзена хората от школата Малкият готвач. ...


  • Don Pasquale

    Don Pasquale
    Although the libretto is written primarily by Giovanni Rufini, Donizetti gets so aggressively involved in his work that he finally angrily refuses to put his name on the poster.
  • Raymonda