• 4 songs by... Hooverphonic

    4 songs by... Hooverphonic
    Geike Arnaert's breathless curves in Mad About You probably are the first you think of when you hear Hooverphonic. And you are not alone - the decade with this singer is the most strong for the Belgian trip-hop group, driven by the bassist Alex ...


  • Gemini Man

    Gemini Man
    Will Smith meets himself as a young man in a sci-fi action movie produced by the commercial brain Jerry Bruckheimer, but directed by the sensitive artist Ang Lee (who came out with Brokeback Mountain and came to Oscar with Pi's Life).
  • Letters from Antarctica


  • 7 Moments of Iva Tokmakchieva

    7 Moments of Iva Tokmakchieva
    "I like colorful and interesting people, but I recharge myself the most when I'm alone." Maybe that's why her favorite spot in Sofia is the Rotunda yard, where it's so peaceful that time seems to stop. Otherwise you can often find her it ...
  • 7 moments of Joanna Petkova