• Days of minerals

    Days of minerals
    Workshops for the production of cards, jewelery and decorations with beads dealing with children, while you looking at minerals, fossils, precious stones, coming here from all over the world - Romania, Armenia and Afghanistan. We hear that these ...




  • The Bookshop

    The Bookshop
    England 1959. In a small East Anglian town, Florence Green decides, against polite but ruthless local opposition, to open a bookshop.
  • Second Act


  • The things from life: Robert Menasse

    The things from life: Robert Menasse
    With a delays of a couple of days, when he's travelling, and between a translator we finally meet with Robert Menasse: an Austrian writer who writes in German, but is read in 20 languages around the world. Before he arrives for the Sofia Literary ...
  • 7 moments of Nora Ampova