• Rhythm Factory

    Rhythm Factory
    The production starts at 20:00 at Hunt on March 1 when Skiller opens his beatbox workshop to teach us how to sound like a train... or a plane, or a bird. After a few percussion lessons from three masters of the instrument, the Factory ends it's ...


  • The Queen of Spades

    The Queen of Spades
    A performance for the salvation and the curse, the tearing passion and the false humility - that is how the State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv's play presents itself and on March 2 at 19:00 at the Youth theatre we'll be albe to see what that means. The ...



  • Sence of Hate

    Sence of Hate
    Top notes: a slap, arousing consciousness, shattered glass, polished gun steel ignites winter skylines, worn soles in housing projects, freefalling. Heart notes: cold sweat breaks at night, burnt tracks drawn on cracked pavements. Base notes: ...
  • Partying with a Parisian